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Fifth Quadrant

Wisdom from Michael Archangel of the Quadrant of Fire

Michael Archangel of the Quadrant of Fire
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"Yes. There is as there is in all parts of the spiritual realm linking, networking, a closer bonding. The term Michael is a title.

Putting it mildly of the position of this Michael, that of myself is of Fire. Fire is the highest form next to spirit that is the dispensation of unconditional love. It is an energy in a sense spirit but yet so closer to that of the physical realms that is the symbolic description of the glue of the universe, the nurturing of the universe and allowing each participant in the universe through unconditional love to feel as a participant, not isolating. In reference to my own abilities directing such energies is part of the program of keeping the universe in balance, the universe of the elementals. There is earth, air, water and fire, each having an ArchAngel, myself being again the Archangel of Fire. The essence therein of what work there is to be done is indeed neverending for we do not know time or space. It is simply seeing an objective, allowing that ideal to be living, giving it a life, getting it through sequences of incarnations or experiences and then finally seeing it transmute to a higher level of experience. As you would play a game of chess on a flat board, imagine here we would play chess on not just three dimensional but even six dimensional. That means whatever avenue you can think of there is an activity going on, on that branch, from that branch into another direction. What makes a difference between science and spirituality is one simple factor called consciousness. All that science recognizes of the world as it works is time and space and somewhere in between is energy and matter being a consortium of the two. Without consciousness the direction of intelligence, wisdom and indeed of spiritual matter nothing is of it's description or motivation or growth cycles. Therefore as my responsibility is to make sure that things are well greased. Yes."

This community is for accessing and discussing information about our physical, mental and spiritual selves that was received during channeling sessions with Michael Archangel of the Quadrant of Fire.

The posts in this community consist of information that has been transcribed from recorded live readings with audience member attendance and participation and may reflect personal questions asked during such sessions. During these library sessions while there was a general theme or topic to each session, not all questions asked strictly adhered to the topic being discussed and so individual posts in this community may appear unrelated. However title and topic with a number will appear with each post for the sake of reference. Additionally because of the length of the readings and the enormous amount of information involved, readings will be divided into seperate posts which will appear periodically for easier access and participation.

The community contained information is the information as it was presented by Michael the Archangel and as such is representitive of the angelic source. While from time to time many different belief systems may be referenced, this community maintains a non-denominational stance and subscribes only to that of the presented channeled information. It is completely up to each community member to decide for themselves a path or belief system to follow and as such each community member is expected to respect other community member's choices.

Respect is important so please respect others and the information in this community and act accordingly. This will be a closed community so as to avoid trolls and other such individuals so that focus can be maintained on learning and sharing perspectives in a peaceful way without disadvantageous distraction.

The types of topics that will be presented include the Laws of Duality, Meditation, Breathing Techniques, Lower Self, Middle Self, Higher Self, Chakras, Health, Nutrition, Prosperity, Relationships, Karma, Earth Changes, Fear, Prayer, Metaphysics, Channeling, Energy, the Universe, God/Goddess, Love, Christ, Astral Travel, Kaballa, Angels and more. If you are expecting sunshine, rainbows and butterflies then this community will not fit that expectation. This community will offer a frank discussion on the very real essences of the subject matter which will deal with all the aspects on both sides of the coin. This may upset some people however it is important to understand things in their entirety for what it is. It is the type of energy you choose to breathe life into whether light or dark on how you use this information and your choice becomes your responsibility.

While the information presented is universal and open for discussion, duplication in whole or in portion of any post contained within must receive written permission directly from the community Maintainer for use outside of this community under all applicable statutes, etc.

The information presented in this community are suggestions only and the acceptance or rejection of any or all of this information is entirely the choice and responsibilty of each individual member with no regress to the source or it's presenter whatsoever. By joining this community you agree to these terms and conditions.

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I ask for protection, guidance and nurturing and to be encompassed by the celestial white light, for protection from all imbalances, regardless of source.

I invoke the love, wisdom and power of my higher consciousness to guide me to the right activies and places.

To illuminate, inspire and clarify my mind, to transform, transmute and stabilize my feelings and emotions to energize, vitalize and heal my physical and vital body so there is a normal flow of energy through my being today and everyday.

To attract to me all those I can truly help and to attract to me all those who can help me in any way.

I give thanks and appreciation for the gifts bestowed upon me and humbly I am ready to receive.